Yesterday’s Victims, Today’s Perpetrators

17855050_10154295998031536_3568061809480232863_oNorth Korea hates the US. The propaganda machine of Kim Jong-Un pumps anti-American rhetoric to an insulated populace, much of it is mischaracterizations and a fanatical fantasy. But-and this must be stressed- not all of it is fiction.

In 1950, after North Korea invaded South Korea, the US dropped 635,000 tons of bombs on North Korea (including 32,557 tons of Napalm). Comparatively, that is more than 130,000 tons more than was dropped in the Pacific Theater during WW2. After emerging from WW2 as the new global superpower, America had no one to police its own actions. Entire cities in Korea were reduced to rubble, including the capital city, Pyongyang, which was an ash heap. Dean Rusk, a supporter of the bombing and the eventual secretary of state said, “everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another” was bombed.

After two years of non-stop bombing, the US air force lamented that it had no other standing targets to bomb. So, they began bombing irrigation dams (a war crime), which in turn flooded villages, crops, and fields. A widespread famine in North Korea was stopped only because of international aid from China and the USSR. In the end, it was reported that 8,700 factories, 5,000 schools, 1,000 hospitals and 600,000 homes had been destroyed in the war’s aftermath. In all, nearly a million noncombatant civilians died (on top of 400,000 soldiers).

Violence begets violence and hate begets hate. Kim Jong-Un is a fanatical dictator bent on destruction. But he exists in dialectical fashion to the American Imperialism that slaughtered his countrymen and reduced his country to ashes years and years ago. Though the Korean War has long since been over, America is still reaping the consequences of its actions.


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